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Personal Training program is a specially prepared for you by our personal trainers and with their assistance you can do your exercises to have a healthier path, fix your posture problems, do your favorite activities and any other thing you imagine for. While preparing programs on the personal needs of each person, personal trainers are there to assist you on having the best possible attitude towards reaching your goals and help you gain habits that will give positive approach. This way in no time you will reach your goals. During your exercises the personal trainers will be teaching you which muscle of your body will work and how it will be training towards developing that area. The most important of it all, without losing anytime, you can have your set schedule to work with personal trainer in a private session to work towards the best exercises and diet in a daily program to reach the highest performance and achieve the best results in a short time period.

Besides the free standard assistance, Personal Trainer service is over the top quality guidance offered. That is why this service is an extra charge offer.


TRX Suspension Training system is prepared specially within the GD Arena and its now among the most popular sport activities in the U.S.A. The famous American Personal Trainers and the Hollywood stars working with them are also using TRX on their own to exercises in a free style without the fear of losing any tempo while using the wellness programs they are keeping up their shape. TRX Suspension Trainer will help you use your body weight as a resistance that will allow you to have hundreds of different exercises while it will lead you in to the fun part of sports. All you need is your body weight and you will not need any other weight but to work against your body weight to gravity.

  • It uses your body like a fitness machine
  • Safes you time from extra time of training
  • You will develop balance and conditioning, higher performance and more resistant to injuries
  • Will develop your core in a perfect shape


If you are really looking to improve your fitness level and want to live healthy and dynamic life than you might consider taking private lesson to reach your goals.

  • You will get a one hour workout with the assistance of Personal Trainer and will use your time in the most efficient way possible.
  • You will work together with your personal trainer in developing realistic goals for you to reach
  • When you start your program, you will be guided to start with the program which suites you the most
  • Your program will be changed depending on your fitness development
  • You can find exercises that will fit your daily or even momentarily mood and with the right assistance of our trainers you can always get your mood up.
  • Away from the boring exercises you will be having fun during your time.
  • You will be in safe environment which will protect you from injuries
  • During your exercises, with the right guidance of the trainers you will have the best techniques in the most safe way
  • Your personal trainers will be providing you with your up to date developments so you can keep track of where you are and knowing you that your personal trainer is waiting for you at your appointed date will help you reach your goals sooner.


You can experience both the adrenaline and excitement at the GD Academia. The highest climbing wall with in the Fitness Centers in Istanbul 12 meter is at GD Academia. On certain days of the week there are free group lessons and competitions for the members


During our swimming classes the most important rule is safety, we value your safety the most and offer you our lesson in this environment.


If you think that boxing is only for people who are strong and tough than you are mistaking. Boxing is the most popular sport for health and conditioning, if you are also looking to have a body without fat with strong and well shaped that boxing is the sport you are looking for.

At the GD Academia during the certain days of the week you can get group lessons from our Personal Trainers on Martial Arts with extra charge.


You are going to feel like you are in a competition in the Box Ring located in the GD Academia. Kick box includes the most principle qualities of martial arts. It helps you improve balance, flexibility, quick reflexes and coordination in physical and mental areas. It is a high intense sport which allows a person to lose weight and stay fit. Anyone without a health issue can do this sport.


Created in the GD Concept, show your balance, power and conditioning in the functional area prepared for you. Although it has been used in many different sports, in the recent years functional training has been the new trend for the sports lovers. Due to today’s worlds busy business life, the tempo and the stress of it, people would like to spend less hours in the fitness centers, this results for new searches for people. Sometimes even after vesting 2-3 hours at the gym people couldn’t reach their goal but now with functional training in 1 hour you can spend less time and still get the body you want to have. This new training type allows you to develop your muscles, tighten up your body and to easily continue with your daily functional movements, letting you have your muscles start working with just one move. With the help of the personal trainers you can have a fit and healthy looking body.