PilatesIt enables both mental and physical unity combined with balance and breathing motions creates this work out. In classic exercises weak muscles get weaker and strong muscles get stronger. Pilate’s helps all of your muscles develop equally.
Benefits : Creates a strong bone structure, increases flexibility, gives you a slim look, fixes your posture, helps you have more strength and you will have better conditioning with the right breathing technique.
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Pre PilatesA class where the basic techniques of pilates is thought. Before entering into advanced level classes you should attend at least 10 of these lessons.
Benefits : Pilates will teach a better breathing technique, the right posture, consentration enables more control over your body. Develops your core.
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StretchingGiving more length to the muscles that are short and to stretch out the joint engles while your mind and body unites in relaxation.
Benefits : Relief from pains you have during your daily life and while you do your exercises, improve your flexibility and motion.
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